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Jedidiah McDoodle Noselleot

  • Nosellots (knows-a-lots) noun:  The brightest and cutest monsters in all the Cosmos.  With some love, their cerebral superiorities can be relegated to human beings.  Before long, they will control our behavior with the intent to reign supreme. 


    Mr. Jedidiah McDoogle, Jed for short, towers over all the Nosellots of Argyle Sky. He left his people, the Knowsanots, to find a happier, more intelligent crew. Now he is best buds with Francis, the tiniest Nosellot and they are rarely seen apart. Of course, he still resembles his Knowsanot ancestors, sporting a brutish body frame and randomly missing teeth. However, unlike his ancestors, Jedidiah is equipped with incredible problem solving skills. He loves to play sports and do the heavy lifting for his Nosellot buddies. Plus, he is the most willing taste tester of Sayjo's culinary creations. You might think he looks a little scary due to his size, but don't worry, he's harmless and just deep in thought. He is often trying to solve problems like reorganizing the city or adding tasty ingredients to Sayjo's famous baked goods.


    Measures: 11.5"

    Ages: 8+

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