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Casting Call For 2016 Holiday Season


All roles open to ages 18+. Please note: Mr. Kringle has already been cast. Positions are Non-Equity. Full and Part-Time schedules available.  

All characters are trademarks of the Mr. Kringle Licensing Group.

CHAROLETTE HOLLYHOP                                        

Mid 20s; Gossip enthusiast; Keeps busy with multiple duties as receptionist and personal assistant to Mr. Kringle.  Loves to make small talk. Intercepts calls mid-sentence on her blue tooth. Very trendy and fashionable. Often plays with her full head of hair.  New Jersey Accent. Influences: Janine Melnitz - Ghostbusters.

SYLVESTOR HUMBLEFUSS HICCUP                       

Mid 40s; Royal figurehead in the City of North; Reigning Ambassador to the Elves; Brother-in-law to Mr. Kringle. Self-involved softy; Emotional. Pompous; Considers himself very “high class” despite being woefully tactless. Often seen with his monocle. Engages in conversation with invisible elves. Easily distracted; aloof. Short attention span. Derails trains of thought regularly. Acts like a child in a candy store. Snobbish and snooty with nose in the air, yet hospitable and overly welcoming. Influences: “Snooty Maitre D'” (Jonathan Schmock)  - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,  Kronk – Emperor’s New Groove, Govenor Ratcliffe – Pochahontas, Cogsworth – Beauty and the Beast, Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean, John Goodman – Actor, John Candy – Actor, Leslie Neilson – Actor.         

RHUBARB HICCUP                                                       

Mid 40s; Mrs. Kringle’s sister; Proud and professional matriarch; Woman of strong stature. Rolls her R’s. No-nonsense softy; Wears the pants in the family. Always looking after her aloof husband. Serves as Head of Family Relations for the Inventionasium. Commanding presence and assertive. Often seen with her notebook and pencil. Organized and detail-oriented. Influences: Professor McGonagall – Harry Potter Series.

BOYZENBERRY HICCUP                                              

Pre-Teen; Nephew to Mr. Kringle; Blue-haired twin; One of the most dedicated Hope Scout in Troupe #12; Key player in the opening of his Uncle’s Inventionasium. Playful and mischievous, but not mean. Slight lisp. Slightly feminine and very well dressed. Loves the outdoors, hiking, adventures and curious exploration. Influences: Chuckie - Rugrats, Dash Parr – The Incredibles, Kermit The Frog – The Muppets, Freddie Highmore – Actor.

RAZBERRY HICCUP                                                      

Pre-Teen; Niece to Mr. Kringle; Blue-haired twin; One of the most dedicated Hope Scout in Troupe #12; Key player in the opening of her Uncle’s Inventionasium. Smart and opinionated neat freak. Listens to her mother. Very obedient. Gets blamed for mischief caused by her brother. Nasally voice. Very proud of her accomplishments. Likes to brag. Influences: Sally – The Cat in the Hat, Sarah Silverman - Comedian, Nancy Norton - Comedian.

PROFESSOR IGNATIUS GLYTCH                             

Mid 50s; Short-circuited Inventor; Famous for his theory of Inter-Imaginary Travel; Returning head of North Academy’s Mad Science Department; Mr. Kringle’s closet childhood friend. Spacey and always switching between trains of thought. Often falls asleep standing up. Gets into trouble. Rule breaker and overall mischief encourager. High energy. Often seen wearing safety goggles over his glasses. Likes to get people riled up by being incredibly blunt. Influences: Doc Brown – Back to the Future, Prof. Farnsworth – Futurama, Einstein, Martin Short - Actor, Eliza Doolittle - musician.

TAFFETA "TAFFIE" SALTWATER                              

Teenager; Head reporter for the Pickle; Voice of north academy; Will do as much sneaking around as necessary to get the big scoop. Instantly recognized by her commanding lisp. Has strong media presence. Often seen documenting observations into a recorder. Overwhelming amount of energy. Lashes out at those who can’t keep up.  Investigates anything out of the norm, especially suspecting adults. Determined, headstrong, genuine and passionate. Pip Longstocking – Adventures of Pipi Longstocking, Clarissa – Clarissa Explains It All, Gilda Radner - Comedian, Ellen Degenerous - Comedian, Pam Dawber - Actress.     

GUIDANCE AU PERE                                                   

Mid 40s; Mystical Keeper of the List; Appointed by the City of North’s High Heavens Society to serve as resident interpreter of wants & wishes. Spiritual guide. Listens intently to the whispers of the universe. Receives many messages while consulting with guests. Has a knack for knowing how to talk with spiritual energies. Very expressive with her body language and gestures. Often seen consulting her amulet for advice.  Extremely attentive to the requests of children. Speaks with a French accent. Influences: Yoda – Star Wars, Madame Leota - Haunted Mansion Ride – Disneyland, Eartha Kitt, Zoe Wanamaker - Actor, Tanyalee Davis - Comedian.    

COZY GROUPHUG                                                     

Mid 30s; Guidance counselor at North Academy; Famous for impromptu hugs and the dancing of the “Cozy Boogie”. Big personality; loud teddy bear. Often quotes famous people from History. Uses a lot of idioms. Walks with a strut. Naturally adept to reading and relating to people. Has a knack for keeping things positive and “turning frowns upside down.” Influences: Chef – Southpark, Carl Winslow – Family Matters, Levar Burton – Reading Rainbow, Chief Wiggum – The Simpsons, Amanda Baker – Comedian.    

GOODY CHIMES                                                            

Late 30s; Assistant Principal of North Academy; Requested to join Mr.Kringle’s team in hopes of “loosening her screws”; Wants to get in touch with her inner Inventologist. Always trying to be cool and hip amongst the youngsters. Sweet and lovely presence. Gives grandmotherly care to every guest. Avid storyteller and exceptional proverb quoter. Loves jewelry. Enjoys hearing the laughter of children. Unsuccessfully tries to implement the trends of today in her speech and presentation to guests. Living in the moment is her biggest pleasure. Influences: Glinda – The Wizard of Oz,  Raj Koothrapalli  - Big Bang Theory, Angela Lansbury – Actress, Shirley MacLaine – Actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor – Actress.  

MIMSY ATLAS                                                               

Early 20s; Comes from a long line of renown explorers in the City of North; Family has been charting the skies for generations; Most recognized for their publications of Star Maps still used for the Sleigh’s journey around the world. Sisters with Grace Atlas. Cute and adorable; tries to emulate her older sister. Wants to make her proud. Has a courageous spirit; daring; natural risk-taker. Recently received flying license. Often seen showing off her prized flight pin. Admires wishful thinkers. Talks like she is a 1920’s radio announcer. Influences: Snoopy – You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Miss Frizzle –The Magic School Bus, Amelia Earhart.      


Early 30s; Discovered in the halls of North Academy; Janitor turned inventor; Proof that you can’t judge a book by its “cover-alls.” Greaser; Overly helpful; detail oriented and master of his routine. Often seen with his broom “Lucille.” Will Hunting – Good Will Hunting, Kenickie – Grease, Chino - West Side Story.  


Late 30s; Private detective; “City of North’s #1 Man of Mystery”; Hired by Mrs. Kringle to report back on all Inventionasium shenanigans. Inquisitive with all the mannerisms and gestures of your stereotypical detective. Often seen with a magnifying class. Constantly looking for clues especially on the guests. Like to share his latest finds. Often bursts out with “ah-ha” or “Eureka” and then relays his epiphany. Basil - The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock Homes – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, 

EISLEY OOGLE                                                              

Eyeball mascot character; An experiment of Mr. Kringle and his eye for detail; Brought to life with Frosty’s top hat.

THE WANDER CLOCK                                                  

Enchanted grandfather clock mascot character; Prized family heirloom of Mr. Kringle.