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Best Pictures with Santa in Cleveland

by Mr. Kringle

Mr. Kringle® Celebrates 10th Season Taking The Best Pictures With Santa In Downtown Cleveland! 

There are many places across Northeastern Ohio, where Santa is available for a visit and picture opportunity. But there is only one place in Cleveland where you can get him all to yourself. Kringle's Inventionasium®, Mr. Kringle & Company's interactive Santa experience offers the best picture opportunities for that annual holiday memory.

Guests receive a private visit with Santa, himself and have 4 minutes of his undivided attention. With Mr. Kringle's signature experience, he continues to be the best and most popular Santa in the country. Listed by TIME.com as one of the "Best Santas in the U.S.", Mr. Kringle creates enthusiastically satisfied families year after year.

What Makes This Visit The Best "Pictures with Santa" Opportunity In Cleveland?

Mr. Kringle® gives families the opportunity to have fun together in a very special way. Kringle's Inventionasium® is more than just a visit with Santa, it's an adventure all to its own - a fully immersive hands-on experience where guests take an active role inventing toys for the holiday season. 

When its finally time for your annual visit, you are granted a private and completely personal experience to discuss your ideas and review your Krismas™ wish list while photographers capture your merriest moments on camera.

Upon entering Kringle's office, you'll notice immediately that Santa is donning his workshop attire - fuzzy green overalls, red and white stripe shirt and socks with leather curled toed shoes. 

The amount of time and care taken with each family is well worth the trip. Whether you experience Kringle's Inventionasium® or Kringle's® QuickSnap, families are given 4 minutes of picture time. Even after the traditional posed shot, the photographers continue to snap away during the entire visit capturing all the magical moments.

The entire office is thoroughly decorated and offers different background options for the pictures. Mr. Kringle also encourages a dress code of pajamas and festive attire to garauntee the most memorable pictures with Santa. 

Hear What Guests Have To Say About Their Pictures With Santa:

"I had prepared them that it was just one of “Santa’s helpers,” but he was so awesome to them and perfect that they came out sure that "this was the real Santa."

"Meeting Santa was one on one was the best experience even for adults. 100% better than just seeing Santa for a picture at the mall."

"Kringle was incredible. What a patient man. My daughter is enamored with him.

"I'm convinced this must be the real Santa! He was exceptional - both in how he interacted with my daughter and in his ability to take advantage of split second photo moments."

"I also need to mention Kris Kringle is the best ever! He was so kind and patient with the girls and we took home the cutest picture."

Are You Ready To Experience The Best Santa In Cleveland?

For information on visiting Mr. Kringle® for a photo opportunity and experiencing his interactive toy lab at Kringle's Inventionasium®, click here.

For information on visiting Mr. Kringle® for your picture with Santa at Kringle's® Quicksnap, click here.

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Getting your pictures with Santa in Downtown Cleveland is a holiday tradition that we encourage every family to experience. Mr. Kringle & Company® is located inside Tower City Center in the heart of the city. Click here for Directions. Click here for Parking information.