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by Mr. Kringle

Happy Friday! Mrs. Kringle has been busy crafting amazing Krismas decorations, along with all the other great things she does. Mrs. K wanted to share a how to on her beautiful Krismas Ornament Wreath. May your home be merry and bright.
Merriest wishes, Charolette Hollyhop™

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14-inch Styrofoam wreath form
Ornament balls, about 100 assort sizes
Hot glue gun
Ribbon, cut into two 2ft pieces

- Start by carefully removing the tops from each ornament.
- Starting with the largest ornaments, put a big dab of hot glue towards the top of the ornament.
- Glue the ornaments around the outside edge of the wreath.
- Glue more large ornaments to the inside edge of the wreath.
- Keep filling in the wreath with the rest of the large ornaments.
- Start filling in any gaps with the smaller ornaments (you can also glue the ornaments to each other).
- Keep adding ornaments until you have filled in the entire wreath.
- Allow your glue to dry completely.
- Once the glue has dried, turn the wreath over. Glue one end of each of the ribbons to the back of the wreath form, toward the top.
- Turn the wreath over and tie the loose ends of the ribbon into a bow.
- Hang it wherever you'd like.