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by Mr. Kringle

Creating wonders are not just for Inventologists. Everyone can build this Wigglebot created by Ezekiel "Slick" O'Zackary™, including the little ones! Just a few items and you'll have a little guy moving, shaking and creating fun images.

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Disposable Cup
Electrical Tape
3 Markers
2 “AAA” battery holder
2 “AAA” batteries
1.5-3 V DC Motor
Popsicle Stick
Permanent Marker
Googly Eyes (optional)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)

- Tape the markers into the cup as legs.
- Attach the battery pack to the DC motor by wrapping the wire around the leads on the motor.
- After the battery pack is attached to the motor, tape the battery pack onto the top of the cup slightly off center.
- Tape the motor onto the cup.
- Fold the end of a long narrow piece of electrical tape over the motor and then wrap the tape around the motor so that the sticky side is facing out.
- Tape the popsicle stick to the clothespin.
- Attach the clothespin and weight to the motor.
- Make a face on your bot.
- Plug in the batteries.
- Place it on a piece of paper and watch!