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by Mr. Kringle

Monday, Monday, Monday! Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin! That's all I can think about. The kooky, spooky pumpkins North created for Halloween. Here's one of my favorites, Zombie Pumpkins! Print out the zombie mouth template to get the perfect undead smile. Happy carving!
-C. Hollyhop


Small white pumpkin
Plastic eyeballs
Miniature saw
Zombie Mouths template
Thumbtack or pin

- For the eyes, hold saw at an angle and cut 2 cone-shaped holes into the pumpkin. The diameter of the holes should be slightly smaller than the eyeballs' diameter
- Print mouth template. Lay template on pumpkin, and poke tack through, all along outline, to transfer design. Cut along that outline with saw, and remove excess flesh.
- Wedge eyeballs into holes.