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by Mr. Kringle

Heya Kringlers! Today I've got a neato pumpkin creation from our friends at Curbly. Pumpkin Dioramas! A timeless school project that can turn your pumpkins into picturesque scenes with no pumpkin carving mess, that you can display every year. Each kiddo can create their own themed vision that's magical and that they would be proud to display.
-C. Hollyhop


Foam Craft Pumpkins
X-acto Knife
Acrylic Craft Paint and Brushes
Figurines (TOOB are ideal)
Knick-knacks (moss, silk flowers, stickers, lights, etc.)
LED candles

Use a bowl to trace a circle on a craft pumpkin to help guide your cut
Cut out the circle using an X-acto knife
Paint the interior of pumpkin (it can a day to fully dry)
Place your pumpkin fillers inside (use toothpicks and wire to hold figures in place)
Light your scene using LED candles (to use battery powered string lights, simply drill holes into the pumpkin and threaded a light through each hole)