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by Mr. Kringle

Charolette Hollyhop™ here, with another spooky Halloween craft activity... Eyeball Bouquets! You'll need a few things, but most of these items you can repurpose from what you already have at home. These are fun to make and will definitely add a little haunt to your house!


- Styrofoam: Variety of balls; Piece to fill the pot; Scrap block
- Pots and/or vases
- Googly Eyes, assorted sizes & colors
- Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners), assorted colors
- Acrylic craft paints
- Toothpicks
- Low-temp glue gun or thick white craft glue (for the kids)
- Paintbrush
- Pencil
- Wire cutters
- Optional: Krylon Glitter Blast; Krylon Webbing Spray; Red Puffy Fabric Paint; Ribbon; Paper Shred; Spider Webbing; Plastic Spider

- Paint your pot and let it dry (when paint is dry, you can spray with Krylon Glitter Blast or a light coat of Krylon Webbing Spray for extra oomph)
- Insert a chunk of Styrofoam into the pot; it should fit snugly (glue in place, if needed)
- Insert a toothpick into your eyeballs to use as a handle. Paint the eyeballs with acrylic craft paint. Insert the toothpicks into the foam block to hold the eyeballs while the paint dries. If making bloodshot eyeballs, draw on wavy lines using the puffy fabric paint.
- Press each eyeball on a flat surface, flattening an area the size of the googly eye. Glue the eye onto the flat space.
- Twist together 2 stems for each of the larger eyeballs or use one stem and wrap around a pencil to form a coiled stem.
- Insert one end into the foam in the pot, remove the stem, add a dab of glue, and reinsert the stem. Add a dab of glue to the other end and insert the eyeball.
- Continue adding stems and eyeballs.
- Cover the top of the pot with spider webbing or paper shred.