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Kringle's® Photography Packages & Toys



2016 KRINGLE'S® Photography Packages

Print Sheets are either: 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, 3 4x6s or 8 wallets (1 image per sheet).
*Select photography options are included with the Deluxe Inventionasium® Experience. 

Charolette's Suggestion    $18.49*                                                               
Unlimited photographs with your own camera inside Mr. Kringle's Office
+ 50% off any additional photography packages purchased on the day of your visit. 

Fancy's Fancy    $19.99
1 Print Sheet
Poppy's Preference   $24.99*
2 Print Sheets
Whirrel's Recipe   $29.99
3 Print Sheets
Blind's Find   $39.99
5 Print Sheets
Hiccups Hullaballoo   $54.99
8 Print Sheets
Slick's Pick™   $24.99*
1 USB with 1 Digital Image
Additional Digital Images  $5 each
Slick's PickRefill $19.99
Reload previously purchased USB with 2 Digital Images
Additional Digital Images  $5 each                       

2016 KRINGLE'S® Featured Toys

*All Featured Toy options are included with the Deluxe Inventionasium® Experience. 

Mr. Kringle's Everlasting Snow Solution™  $22.49* 

Eisley Oogle's Imaginoodles™  $22.49*

JawBones 100PC Set   $22.49*

Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet   $22.49*

Krismas Yeti [Blue or Pink]  $22.49* 

2016 KRINGLE'S® Photo & Toy Bundles

All bundles include 1 of the following Photography Packages:
Poppy's Preference™ or Slick's Pick™

KRINGLE- Lotta   $39.99
Pick 1 of the Featured Toys: TBA

KRINGLE- Ka-Boodle   $57.99
Pick 2 of the Featured Toys: TBA