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by Greg Markowitz

CASTING CALL – KRINGLE’S INVENTIONASIUM® Kringle’s Inventionasium is a 60-minute, fully immersive, interactive theatrical holiday experience developed in Cleveland by Mr. Kringle & Company, LLC in association with the Mr. Kringle Licensing Group. Based on original characters by Michael Chiappe. Location: Cleveland, OH Type: Immersive/Environmental Theater Production Company: Mr. Kringle & Company, LLC AUDITION INFORMATION – KRINGLE’S INVENTIONASIUM®...

Best Holiday Events For Families in Cleveland

by Mr. Kringle

Kringle's Inventionasium Provides The Best Holiday Event For Families In Cleveland! Downtown Cleveland boasts some of the best holiday events for families in Northeastern Ohio. Cleveland has rich holiday traditions that date back decades. Stories of Mr. Jingeling, Halle's 7th floor, the giant Sterling-Lindner Tree, to name a few, have created unforgettable memories for generations...

Best Pictures with Santa in Cleveland

by Mr. Kringle

Mr. Kringle® Celebrates 10th Season Taking The Best Pictures With Santa In Downtown Cleveland!  There are many places across Northeastern Ohio, where Santa is available for a visit and picture opportunity. But there is only one place in Cleveland where you can get him all to yourself. Kringle's Inventionasium®, Mr. Kringle & Company's interactive Santa experience offers the...


by Mr. Kringle

With the kids home for the holidays Ezekiel "Slick" O'Zackary™ shared an awesomo science activity. Grab some foam insulator tubes, slice them in half lengthwise to make multiple ramps, some marbles and masking tape. Have the kiddos create a roller coaster design (think about gravity and motion). Use the masking tape to hold up the...